Sunday, September 15, 2019

Vilhelm Bromander & Fredrik Rasten - ...For Some Reason That Escapes Us [Differ Records 001]

Incoming from the freshly launched Swedish label Differ Records and due to be released via the imprint on September 20th, 2k19 is "... For Some Reason That Escapes Us", the new collaborational album effort created and put together by the duo of Vilhelm Bromander and Fredrik Rasten, both acclaimed solo musicians as well as collaborators in their own right. Opening with "Harmony For Two Or More Voices I" the musicians create a deep, beautiful and solemn feel of inward looking melancholia whereas the subsequent "A Glimpse Through A Thousand Examples" makes the organically created soundscape of guitar, voice and double bass almost seem to emulate and recreate a feel of modular electronic composition in its tender, most ambient'ish and atmospheric vibe before diving deep into score'esque, slightly haunting, super minimalist and low end focused composition techniques whilst the subsequent "Harmony For Two Or More Voices II" picks up on the melancholy of Part I whilst focusing on a steady ebb and flow of slowly e-bowed guitars which surely is about to sit well with fans and followers of the Ambient genre worldwide. On the flipside of the vinyl LP we see the theme of "Gentle Mountains" split into three parts - "Toward", "With" and "Onward"  - of which the first two are closely connected in the use of a slowly building, yet pretty intense bass drone accompanied by tender (Neo)Classical string repetition figures in "Toward" whilst "With" emphasizes and focuses on the low frequency aspect of the drone itself before "Onward" brings out a previously unheard approach to minimalist, hollow, ritualistic rhythm signatures accompanied by plucked, slightly off-kilter guitar tones in the work of the two musicians which evokes memories of Einstürzende Neubauten's "U-Haft Musik" but without the inherent aggression and desolation. Go check.


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