Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Touchables - The Noise Is Rest [Conradsound]

Coming straight at us with a combination of octobass and piccoletto violin is the duo of Guro Skumsnes Moe and Ole-Henrik Moe a.k.a. The Touchables on their first ever conjunctional album which has been released via Conradsound on August 27th, 2k19. Stretched out over the course of 45 minutes and a total of eight tracks the duo is taking the musical properties of their respective instruments to the very extremes with the opener "Nothing In Between" rather resembling a Field Recording session featuring the faraway background hum of a helicopter flying miles away than any string instruments being involved, the "Barking Beetle Boogie" starts with an explosive, yet highly abstract FreeJazz approach before slowly fading away in a full on experimental manner, a trip to "Birdabyalullaland" reveals the true, albeit yet way off kilter nature of the instruments in use for the first time on this album before the "Blackout Lighthouse" seems to capture cold and deadly ambient sounds from a well hostile and dangerous environment in which one shouldn't leave his or her shelter without a shotgun and a torch at hand. Furthermore the "Peace Ghost" seems to have a thing for imitating intense, ancient, wobbly and decaying horn recordings bordering the edge of madness, the "Byalullulandbird" is picking up where its predecessor left off whilst adding additional layers of longing, sadness and melancholy to its well desperate vibe whereas "Unicorn Stocking" brings forth memories of wild horses indeed whilst indulging in a hectic, busy and somewhat even grotesque score-like approach well suitable for experimental art house horror flics shot in black and white before the concluding composition pays homage to a "Deserted Desert", summoning ghosts, sprites and spirits of those who lost themselves, or their minds, whilst wandering uncharted terrain in the years of yore. Intense.

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