Friday, September 06, 2019

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 089]

Fresh on the circuit is Sascha Müller's 89th - !!! - untitled album release on Supersix Records on which the Uelsen-based production bot comes at us with another set of twelve fresh, formerly unreleased tracks. The opening cut named "Nonstop Treatment" steers straight towards the dancefloor with proper ElectroTechno synths and a spatial, dubbed out and floating TechTrance motif whilst "Nude Icon" brings ultimate dancefloor joy in terms of uplifting, super positive Happy Trance and "Omega Run" deals with a hypnotic, slightly monotonous late night amalgamation of slow motion Dark Trance and Intelligent Techno. With "Packeis" Sascha Müller explores a raw, fast paced Techno vision garnished with captivating, yet oldskool'ish DeepHouse pads, "Painkiller" brings forth metallic dope Acid Downbeat for those still remembering Fauna Flash's legendary "Please... May I Sniff Your Klompen Kloqquen" 12" on Compost Records whereas "Paradise City (Remix)" warps back in time to cause havoc amongst all ravers dancing their ass off on laser- and strobe-lit Happy Trance dancefloors. Furthermore "Parameter Prozess" redefines most beautiful Ambient Trance for 2019, "Pax" introduces a dark, stripped down and slightly Tribal-infused Techno attitude, once again accompanied by beautiful warm pads and a fragile, deep AcidTrance vibe and "Permafrost" caters thrilling Rave-informed Techno for those who've been out on underground Techno floors back around 1994. Finally "Phonk The System" is a gooey, spiralling take on positive, swampy ElectroAcid built on a 4/4 foundation, "Pigmentstörung" goes down a well hypnotic path in terms of stripped down, minimalistic Acid modulations and the concluding "Pillbox" is crossing over into ever changing, spiralling realm in which DarkTrance and tripping AcidTrance meet. Nice.


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