Monday, September 02, 2019

baze.djunkiii Charts 09/2019

01. The Quilz - Fishing For Ketchup [Prickly Records]
See review for details...

02. Stanton Warriors - Rise [New State Music]

What a surprise, this is. The NuSkoolBreaks activists that are Stanton Warriors are taking over big time with their latest album "Rise", weighing in way more than just the regular Breaks things. From Latin Freestyle via ClubHouse and Electro to Future Jungle and beyond the journey goes, for the most part accompanied by a variety of great vocalists like Sian Evans, Scarlett Quinn, Keith Thompson and many more which shifts the albums focus away from the underground club dancefloors and towards a broader audience longing for uplifting, Pop-infused dance tracks spreading nothing but positivity and pure joy. A highly recommended Pop album.

03. Noise Factory - Vintage Vol #1 [3rd Party 019]
Another long sought after Jungle favorite has reappeared on the circuit these days. Noise Factory's "Breakage #4 (I Bring You The Future)" as the main tune on this 12" is a classic hard stepping amalgamation of UK Hardcore / Darkside and early Jungle that cannot be missed out upon as this one has brought fire to dancefloors ever since 1992 and so has the ProtoJungle cut that is "Straight From The Bedroom". Killer.

04. Luna-C - Kniteforce Remastered: Luna-C Vol.2 [Jedi Recordings 011]
Thank the vinyl gods for the flood of re-issues which are hitting the shelves of record store these days. Out of the four tracks on this 12" especially Luna-C's "Edge Of Madness (Sub Love Remix)" has been of special interest for us at this tune was featured on one of the many oldskool DJ mixtapes that have been sitting in our collection since the early 90s and therefore held a special place on our wantlist of classic tunes we defo need to track down, even though we don't know their official titles and producers... yet.

05. Dubious - Evil Shot / Heretics [Nunki Rec 006]
Once again Ivan Dubious a.k.a Dubious brings forth timeless goodness in terms of modern instrumental Dub music and shows himself to be one of the saviours of the longtime slightly underrated genre that has always been there but oftentimes hasn't been explored in such perfection as on this 7" record. Great tools for a modern selecta.

06. Various Artists - NeoTribe 03 [Mang Ton Cerveau]
These four tracks by El Dom, Nes Tribe, Azotek and Tournevis, each of the artists responsible for one track respectively, are covering the musical spectrum between uptempo TribeTekno and banging underground DarkJungle for those who know. Especially Nes Tribe's "Darknes" is a go to cut for everyone who followed the French DarkJungle scene and its early producers like Mem Pamal or Middle M since the late 90s before the producer surprisingly switches gears to go into TribeTekno mode throughout the second galf of the tune. Tarantino-fans are about to love this one, too.

07. DJ Lag & Okzharp - Steam Rooms EP [Hyperdub]
Okzharp and DJ Lag are in for quite an interesting collaboration here, fusing a dry, Kuduro-influenced rhythm signature with mostly piercing, metallic, slightly off kilter rave signals and synth sequences to create powerful, highly functional weapons for all tool-focused bass DJ's out there.

08. Hesed - The Perfect Drug EP [Analog Tecne Model]
Repressed and possibly also remastered for the year 2019 is Hesed's "The Perfect Drug EP" which originally was released in 2013. Still perfectly fresh and good for today the three tracks on this EP are a great example for what is so fascinating about the TribeTekno scene with its bouncy, uptempo beats, slightly psychedelic vibe and well trippy overall atmosphere. Timeless stuff from one of the most underrated sub-genres of electronic music.

09. In2TheSound - Commotion & Style [Sireena Records]
See review for details...

10. H - H (Stencil Editon) [Echokammer 085]
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