Friday, August 30, 2019

The Big Yes! - The Big Yes! [Nakama Records 017]

Released via the ever busy Nakama Records imprint on August 23rd, 2k19 is the same titled one track debut album by what the press release describes as the new Scandinavian supergroup named The Big Yes!. Over the course of 31 minutes we see the quartets members Anna Högberg, Maria Bertel, Christian Meaas Svendsen and Ole Mofjell reveal a thundering, energetic and partly even chaotic approach towards the FreeJazz / Experimental Jazz genre only to surprisingly hit the breaks hard for a stint in brooding minimalist music for longtime abandoned dungeons and spine-tingling urban exploration soundtracks before slowly building layer upon layer of highly skilled FreeJazz expressions again, this time on a more funky, cool and partially bass dominated vibe whilst the four musicians are working their way up to a chaotic, intense climax. All recorded within one live session in early 2018 and it surely was an intense one.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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