Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Trupa Trupa - Of The Sun [Glitterbeat Records 080 Promo]

Scheduled for release via Glitterbeat Records on September 13th, 2k19 is "Of The Sun", the new and fifth album by the highly praised Gdansk / Poland-based band outfit Trupa Trupa which have been making waves in territories somewhat located in the middle of PostPunk, (No)Wave and PostHardcore since their debut release "Headache" back in 2015. Compared to most of their previous longplayers the inward-looking, Shoegaze-referencing opener "Dream About" is a relatively tame start into a twelve track, roughly 43 minutes spanning sonic exploration which seems to be driven more by a feel of leaden resignation as well as a the bitter joy of the journey down a BritPop-infused downward spiral than by pure aggression and a raw, passionate DIY attitude. With "Angle" the band even caters a folksy lo-fi ballad which interestingly, like the rest of the album, still is defined by a certain polished feel presumably due to the bands access to bigger, better studios whilst the atmospheric, yet driving "Longing" seems to be influenced by the Icelandic music scene in its overall feel even though one rarely will come across straightforward, stripped down, no bullshit Rock drums on the mystical island and halfway through the album we do find the first proper dancefloor smash hit, this one aiming at Indie mainfloors of the world and defo not at the Goth / PostPunk scene which seemed to be a thing Trupa Trupa gravitated to over the past years. "Anyhow" even touches down on dreamy, harmless Alternative Pop somewhat in between Beck and Human Woman, "Long Time Ago" is full on thundering BritPop and "Turn" is providing full on madness somewhat between hounded Punk, a wall of guitars and pretty darn funky basslines just to name a few. This is defo an album screaming 'musical evolution' in capitals but for die hard fans and followers that have been suppporting Trupa Trupa from day dot it might be a step into the wrong direction.


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