Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Handsome Couple feat. DJ Illvibe - Bochum Berlin [Umland Records 028]

What a combination. The Essen-based duo known as Handsome Couple, comprised of St. Kirchhoff and Simon Camatta, is teaming up with Berlin's HipHop-breathing DJ Illvibe for their sophomore album on Umland Records. Recorded live in both Bochum and Berlin, hence the albums name, the duo presents an evolution of its already Instrumental HipHop-leaning sound developed on their first album which is now defined by a captivating mix of banjo, drums and electronics as presented in the dancefloor smashing opener "We", accompanied by an array of masterfully executed cuts, scratches and sample wizzardry straight from the original turntable setup used and abused by DJ Illvibe. Following up is an approximately 40 minutes long journey into beats and turntablism that might be considered being more original HipHop than most of today's HipHop is, bringing on a new kind of block party vibe that is best to be experienced whilst watching groups of b-boys, breakers, fly girls and pop lockers doing their thang, strictly representing the oldskool in a new skool way. One for the beatheads, this is.


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