Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Helga Myhr - Natten Veller Seg Ut [Motvind Records 005]

Released via the Norwegian label Motvind Records on October 5th, 2k19 is "Natten Veller Seg Ut", the latest album release by Helga Myhr who is exploring a deeper take on the combination of her instrument, the hardanger fiddle, and live sung original religious and Folk songs from her native valley Hallingdalen over the course of 41 minutes - songs live sung whilst playing the fiddle, actually. Employing both traditional techniques as well as treating the fiddle in a more contemporary way to create / resemble electro-acoustic, ambient'ish atmospheres and advanced, abstract sounds Helga Myhr's distinct, soft and ethereal, beautifully naturalistic vocals are the binding, defining and leading element on this longplayer, oozing of century old traditions, telling tales of rural innocence and a providing break from ancient hardship, providing hope, firmness and relief in a way that seemed to be long lost and forgotten in the rapt attention of today's 24/7 digital economy. An album to slow down to and focus on self communion.


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