Monday, December 30, 2019

3 Musketiere - Abflug [Terp Records]

Re-issued, and for the first time properly released, via Terp Records in early fall, 2k19 is "Abflug", the 1983-recorded demo cassette album recorded by drummer Katherina Bornefeld with her band 3 Musketiere before she embarked on a journey to join The Ex back in 1984. Combining drums, vocals, violin and bass we see the band explore music of almost cinematic qualities in the hounded mostly non-vocal opener "Go" which interestingly switches gears, tempo and rhythm signatures quite a few times over the course of its approx. four minutes runtime whereas "Vater Staat" fuses gipsy melodies with a straight up diy Punk / (No)Wave attitude, "Druckerlied" harks back to the tradition of songs of the working class and "Pfiff" amalgamates raw bass guitar power, thrilling violins and uplifting whistling sequences to a great dancefloor smashing effect just to a name a few pieces featured on this well interesting flashback in music industry. Check.

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