Monday, December 16, 2019

Adrian Knight - Fly By Night [Thanatosis Produktion 002]

Put on the circuit via the Swedish label Thanatosis Produktion on December 12th, 2k19 is Adrian Knight's "Fly By Night" - an actual 2CD album re-issue of the former digital only piece, released via the artists very own Pink Pamphlet imprint back in 2014 which has now been picked up by Thanatosis Produktion label manager (and artist...) Alex Zethson for a wider audience of Ambient headz and Deep Listening Music connaisseurs. Presenting a total of nine tracks stretched over the course of two CD's and a total of 106 minutes we see the Brooklynite Adrian Knight indulge in the sheer beauty of Ambient sounds, creating a calmy moving stream of harmony and imminent heavenly melancholia within each and every track, a rich and soothing, comforting soundscape of reduced and masterly sculpted, yet never minimalistic nature, providing a soundtrack for deep reflection and solemn meditation that deserves to find a home in every Ambient lovers collection for a reason as it's as tender and gentle as it can get. Check.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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