Saturday, December 14, 2019

Memory Drawings - Phantom Lights [Sound In Silence 068]

Put on the release circuit via the Greek Sound In Silence-imprint is "Phantom Lights", the label debut for the multi-instrumentalist outfit Memory Drawings. Originally self-released as a tour CD album in a super limited, impossible to find quantity the six track, 25 minute spanning EP / mini-album was snatched by Sound In Silence for a wider audience - at least if a limitation to 300 hand-numbered copies can be considered to be such. Together, the five musicians involved in the project open up the musical realm and orientation of the evolving imprint even further whilst focusing on a folksy, slightly repetetive, meandering approach to their sound which sees soft electronic textures being accompanied by ethereal background vocals and an emphasis on real instruments like the hammered dulcimer as a lead over PostRock-infused drums, Dub-informed bass playing and a general sonic angle that seems to be closer to PostRock / PostFolk than to the specific, soft-spoken Ambient sound pioneered by the Sound In Silence-camp for years and even provides a proper dreamy, yet driving dancefloor cut with "There Is A Last Time For Everything" remixed by Barnaby Carter. Sweetness.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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