Sunday, December 15, 2019

Ka Baird - Respires [RVNG Intl. Promo]

Released via RVNG Intl. on October 25, 2k19 is "Respires", the latest solo album by Ka Baird who's taking on another experimental eight tracks and and approx. 40 minutes spanning musical journey with this longplayer. Getting into the album with "Pulse" Ka Baird is presenting a tense, crystalline variation of razor sharp Ambient paired with cold non-vocalisms whilst the subsequent "Symanimagenic" is comprised of ever busy microtonal sounds, reprocessed off-kilter flutes and futuristic polyrhythms, occasionally paired with intense chants of well-hypnotic nature. The albums main piece "Teaching Lodge Of The Arrows" gets deep into haunting ritualistic flute works evolving into a buzzing electric drone as well as more dramatic, multilayered vocals, "Azha" weighs in a more psychedelic, yet lively and intertwined aspect of Ka Baird's approach to the flute as an instrument whereas "Spiritus Operis" brings forth a brooding, low end heavy variation of Future Tribal for dark, demon summoning rituals. Furthermore "Walking" is based on an elastic, dancefloor functional Tribal foundation in combination with hissing white noise motifs and twanging, reprocessed banjo strumming and plucking alongside short Spoken Word repetitions, "Storms Stay Fine" turns out to be the most brooding execution of warped, bass focused Deep Listening Music paired with surface crackles, vocal poetry and modular Clicks'n'Cuts before the concluding take "The Orion Arm" brings on fever'ish heat on advanced dancefloors with its well seductive, stripped down rhythm signatures and warbled hyper-seductive space synths alongside microcut vocal madness. Check!


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