Sunday, December 22, 2019

Manu Louis - Cream Parade [Igloo Records]

Coming in only recently from the Brussels-based imprint Igloo Records was "Cream Parade", the second full length album outing by Berlin-based Belgian musician Manu Louis. Released in May 2k19 the nine track longplayer opens with "Saxophone", a 70 seconds excursion into sweet Jazz melancholia accompanied by electronic textures whereas the follow-up "Internet" pairs a certain SlowHouse attitude with Manu Louis' distinct vocals and elements evoking memories of echoes of ElectroSwing before "Efface" weighs in even more muscular, Techno-infused bass drums alongside the artists LeftfieldPop style. With "Data Farm" we see Manu Louis gravitating towards emotional, tongue-in-cheek, lo-fi bedroom romanticism for geeky lovers and therefore delivers our favorite cut on the album, "My Wife Is Leaving Me For The Prime Minister" weighs in more touching, heart-felt well sexy Bedroom Jazz over  the course of less than 90 seconds  whilst the "President" dances to to brooding Slowcore Techno and intense, hypnotic Spoken Word singing - a combination evolving into a well Psychedelia-aware, joyful vintage vibe experience further down the line. Furthermore "The Screen" displays a colourful potpourri of spirals and trippy, cascading explosions whilst speakers are blasting a powerful variation of muscular, 4/4-based Novelty Wave, "Internet's Farewell" is tender, retrofuturist vintage LovePop based on a foundation of sparse, yet ever caressing Clicks'n'Cuts / Electronica sporting the most beautiful, loving low end we've heard in quite a while and the final "Tardigrade" causes havoc on dancefloors with its well fast-paced apocalyptic Wave vibe. File under: recommended Leftfield Pop. Check.


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