Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Pasquale Innarella / Go_Dex Quartet - Go_Dex [Aut Records 053]

Put on the circuit via Berlin's Aut Records-label on December 16th, 2k19 is "Go_Dex", an eight track CD release created by Pasquale Innarella and his Go_Dex Quartet to pay tribute and homage to legendary tenor sax player Dexter Gordon. Taking on Gordon's compositions and making them their own in terms of interpretation we see the four musicians - Pasquale Innarella alongside Paolo Cintio, Leonardo De Rose and Giampiero Silvestri - not only uncovering and reviving musical pieces rarely performed by other musicians these days and therefore shedding light on otherwise slightly forgotten, or at least underrated, Jazz history but also provide thrilling variations of beautifully buzzing classics like "The Chase" which still has a magical, broadway'esque drive and an ability to work dancefloors up to this day, reveal touching romanticism in extended late night Jazz cuts like the eight plus minutes spanning "Misty", get things well swinging throughout hot "Catalonian Nights" and even go further into dope Dancefloor Jazz mannerisms with "Soy Califa" just to name a bunch of our favorites on this album. Defo one to check out if you're a true lover of classic, and well classy, Jazz music.

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