Thursday, January 16, 2020

Aaron Turner - Repression's Blossom [Sige Records / Full Contact Records Promo]

A fresh collaboration between Sige Records and Full Contact Records is "Repression's Blossom", the debut four track EP release created by Isis co-founder Aaron Turner. Released on November 15th, 2k19 the 25 minutes spanning sonic effort opens with "Fear Of Discovery", a short excursion into screaming, ear piercing high frequencies accompanied by grinding, heavily shifting feedback objects whilst the subsequent track "The Vanity Of Need" brings forth hefty HarshNoize brutalism on a buzzing digital information overload, interrupted by and evolving into intense moments of unsettling calmness. Furthermore "Attar Datura" caters growling low ends crawling up from the deepest subsurface vaults whilst adding deconstructed echoes of Jazz and tender, ambient'ish guitar drones as well as Post-PostRock / DesertBlues to the equation before the concluding "Underlying Nature Of Habitual Dishonesty" speaks volumes in terms of emulating the raw Noize-infused power of brutally shifting tectonic plates for an intro sequence before, once again, indulging in dark, deep and droning guitar - and feedback! - works and therefore harking back to Aaron Turner's previous activities in mostly guitar driven outfits. What a combination.


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