Saturday, January 18, 2020

Craven Faults - Erratics & Unconformities [The Leaf Label Promo]

Released via The Leaf Label on January 10th, 2k20 is "Erratics & Unconformities", the first ever album by the project known as Craven Faults which is out on the circuit as 2x LP vinyl set and 3x CD box set with the latter one featuring a bunch of additional sonic material not covered on vinyl. With the limited promotional upfront CD version we're taking a basic look at the tracklist of the 2xLP set, opening with the roughly 18 minutes spanning "Vacca Wall", an epicly long trip into the spiralling realms of contemporary Synth and (Neo)Cosmic which is followed by "Deipkier" - a track we've already featured on these pages in December, 2k19. With exploring the "Cupola Smelt Mill" Craven Faults settle into a classic, somewhat KrautRock-infused approach to what once was called Kosmische Musik / Cosmic when this style originally emerged and do manage to hold up to the high standards of the genres early days, "Slack Sley & Temple" provides slowly moving Ambient drones in conjunction with hypnotic repetitions and organic, well seductive bass grooves bordering ChillOut, dubbed out Electronica and IDM as the albums main piece in terms of runtime before "Hangingstones" indulges in a warm organic stream of harmonic chord progressions and, once again, beautiful Ambient grooves whereas the concluding "Signal Post" is as calm and caressing as vintage Synth works can be, waving goodbye in the most friendly and touching manner ever imaginable. Recommended.


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