Thursday, January 02, 2020

John Tilbury - The Tiger's Mind [Cubus Records]

Put on the circuit via the Swiss Cubus Records imprint on December 1st, 2k19 is John Tilbury's latest one track album named "The Tiger's Mind" - a conceptual piece following an inspirational text / score telling the story of six characters on one of which Tilbury focuses in his musical journey of 57 minutes. Through his improvisation on piano, and with other characters replaced by pre-recorded textures, we experience the artist following an imaginery storyline meandering in between pure, crystalline tonalities and hard hitting, hammering, highly dramatic minor scale chords, walking the line between (Neo)Classical / Contemporary Classical and score'esque, somewhat monolithic Ambient / Dark Ambient music, a solely self-dependent body of work which is as black as the albums all black artwork is. A true statement of distinct intensity and spatial minimalism which has to be experienced in more than one highly focused listening session for sure. A grower and possibly a masterpiece in its very own right to some. Check. 

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