Sunday, January 05, 2020

Still Und Dunkel - Abandoned [Hallow Ground Promo]

Released on November 8th, 2k19 via the ever active experimental imprint Hallow Ground is "Abandoned", the debut album effort created by Still Und Dunkel, a trio consisting of the artistic triumvirate that is Christoph Brüngge, Benny Jaberg and Pascal Arnold. Following their approach to visit abandoned places at night time for Field Recording sessions later to be partly reprocessed and incorporated in an audio-visual installation context since 2k11 we see Still Und Dunkel create a monolithic, dark'ish firstling meandering in between a grinding maelstrom of Industrial Noize, Electronica and scenic Ambient - a spectrum all covered in the albums opening "Lure" alone over the course of its approx. 18 minutes runtime -, tender Field Recording / Ambient amalgamations like those to be found in the subsequent cut "Remote" or intense metallic Rhythm Industrial / Electronica crossovers in "Hallway" which, although all to be found in the albums first half, pretty much define the sonic range of the projects musical efforts. But despite the inherent single quality of each track we don't see them really glue together as a coherent album experience and therefore presume they'd be better and more impressive when experienced in the initial context, accompanied by moving images in an art and / or installation environment.


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