Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Yair Etziony - Ensemble [False Industries 029 Promo]

Relased via the False Industries label as their cat.no. 029 on December 6th, 2k19 is Yair Etziony's "Ensemble" album which sees the now Berlin-based creative mastermind delivering the third part of a trilogy covering his journey in settling in to his new hometown that is the German capital. Making a return to production techniques he hadn't employed for years we see Yair Etziony provide a more saturated and chromatic musical approach on this album, starting with the panoramic Ambient of the opener "39C At Tempelhofer Feld" as well as the slightly quivering follow up "Kottbusser Damm" which is defined by soft layered pad calmness and crackly surface noise emulations. With "Teufelsee" the Israeli expat unfolds ethereal organ'esque drama without big tonal shifts and movements, "The Ministry Of Love" seemingly draws influences from epic (Neo)Cosmic and classical Synth masters whereas "Poznan" indulges in deep floating Ambient melancholia and carefully arranged string works. Furthermore "Goodbye To All That" transfers the melancholia-driven aspects into a cold, space exploration-focused retrofuture, "Vantaa" keeps up with the Cold Ambient vibe, channeling encrypted transmissions from deep space alongside slowly moving bass drones before the concluding cut "No Infrastructure" presents somewhat of a connection to Yair Etziony's previous works with its brooding UnAmbient athmosphere, dark, crackling background, occasional respiratory sounds and overall cold Industrial feel alongside slowly moving harmonies and crystalline, yet slightly off kilter minimal motifs. Go check. 


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