Wednesday, January 01, 2020

baze.djunkiii Charts 01/2020

01. Elliott Adamson - Electric Acid Tater Tots [Trick 003]
Maybe I'm late to the party with this one but this track is an absolute secret weapon and somewhat of a wet  dream for every lover of proper TechHouse and large scale WildPitch madness. Highly functional, ever spiralling, featuring totally tripped out vocal samples and a remix by former Dubstep- now turned Techno-producer Skream which takes this thing to a next level for reasons. Full on destruction.

02. Fierce Ruling Diva - TTXX0009 [Temple Traxx]
What a come back. The mighty duo known as Fierce Ruling Diva are in with what seems to be their first official release in more than a decade, weighing in three hefty, oldskool Rave-infused Techno bangers with a modernistic touch, muscular, reverb-heavy bassdrums, massive stab action and - at some point - a little homage to the legendary 90s project remembered by die-hard ravers as Church Of Extacy. Massive.

03. Low End Activist - Low End Activism [Sneaker Social Club. 023]
Heavyweight low end action, or activism, provided on this six track 12" which does not only come with one of  the best cover artworks of the past months but also explores the most experimental, adventurous take on Bass Music you might come across these days. Based on Dubstep, yet heavily infused by stumbling Industrial rhythms, huge bass eruptions and all sorts of echo-heavy studio experimentation associated with the original spirit of Dub these cuts are defo made for highly advanced dancefloors. Check.

04. DMX Krew - Computor Heart [Breakin Records 065]
Another great musical four track outing by the long standing scene staple known as DMX Krew. Timeless, uplifting pieces somewhat in between Electro and ElectroTechno, garnished with bits of high end cheese and ItaloDisco for nothing but positive vibes on the dancefloor. As fresh as things can be, yet also on par with forever classics like Miss Kittin's "Frank Sinatra" and other anthems of the late 90s / early 2000s. Therefore essential.

05. Von D feat. Blackout Ja - Dancehall Saga [Dub-Stuy Records 011]
The Dub-Stuy Records label comes in massive on this 12", once again exploring the vibing crossover area in between Dub, Dubstep and Reggae / Dancehall with a massive and well seductive vocal tune that calls for a rewind immediately. Good stuff. Get.

06. Various Artists - Shadows [Function Records 050]
Twenty years in the business and finally fifty releases deep Function Records celebrates this double milestone with a massive, limited to 200 copies triple vinyl compilation. Presenting only the finest in classic, dark'ish and highly functional Drum'n'Bass contributing names are Calibre & Jet Li, Kiat, Kiljoy, Digital, Spirit, Klute and even No U-Turn legend DJ Trace who's delivering big time with our personal favorite on this compilation piece: "Spirits", which is the main cut on here alongside the hard hitting multi-artist effort "Primal (Resound Remix)" by Digital & Spirit Vs Flava & Dissect. Defo a go to album for every true Drum'n'Bass head out there.

07. Tymotica - Galaxies Of Dust [Rave And Romance 007 / Ruffhouse 002]
A collaborational 10" effort put on the circuit by both Munich-based Bass Music labels Rave And Romance and Ruffhouse. Whilst Tymotica's original version of "Galaxies Of Dust" provides a classy UK Garage swing and massive sinewave basslines we see the bass warriors of Schlachthofbronx coming on strong with a powerful remix version solely focused on killing dancefloors with the power of 4/4 based Stepper Dub.

08. The DJ Producer vs. Bong-Ra - The Abdominable / Blood Cloot Techno [PRSPCT XTRM]
Seemingly repressed due to popular demand is the very first release of the PRSPCT Recordings sister imprint PRSPCT XTRM. Originally put on the circuit in 2011 this two track collaboration between long standing Hardcore / Breakcore veterans The DJ Producer and Bong-Ra is as ass kicking, compressed and devastating as things can be, brutalizing dancefloors with heavyweight 4/4 barrage, loads of highly detailed breakdown sequences as well as hypercomplex, multilayered and sharp as a knife Breakbeats for those who can handle total primetime carnage.

09. Terrorrythmus - Hybrid Rave [Falling Apart 009]
Both the German producer Terrorrythmus as well as the Berlin-based imprint Falling Apart have massively accelerated their rise to the top in 2k19 so seeing them joining forces at some point is only a logical step of sorts. Fusing hard hitting GhettoHouse, Chicago Basement and GhettoBass with pumping, fast-paced Tribe Tekno and even Hardcore works unsurprisingly well in these six tracks presented on 12" vinyl which might spark the development of a new sub-sub-genre of electronic music we'd like to preemptively define as GhettoCore for a reason.

10. Kongrosian - Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously [Aut Records 050 / Oltrarno Recordings]
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