Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Hopper - Hopper [Gusstaff Records Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the Polish imprint Gusstaff Records only recently is "Hopper", the debut album by the quartet of the same name - Hopper - which consists of the Wolow-based artists Marcin Loks, Tomasz Sztrekier, Konrad Fedorczak and Mateusz Skrzypicki which are catering a four track firstling spread over the course of roughly 44 minutes with this one. Opening with "Rydygiera" Hopper are paving the way for things to come with beautifully floating Ambient textures, an ever rolling PostRock vibe as well as yearning trumpet melancholia in a kind of of call and response dialogue with distinct, yet laid back electric guitars whereas "Ebbbing" goes down a similar alley but leans more towards a masterly sculpted variation of DesertRock / Desert Blues backed by screaming vocals interestingly appearing in the very back of the mix only. Furthermore we see "Kazu", our favorite cut on this album, coming at us in a brooding, thundering fashion presenting an overall feel of darkness and danger in disguise in combination with a captivating, ever progressing electric guitar motif announcing forthcoming cataclysms before the final cut "1285" is waving goodbye on a more positive, lively and playful note in terms of PostRock, weighing in a slightly Dub-related feel even whilst frolicking guitars and, once again, yearning trumpet tones resemble the overall feel of a hot, maybe a little too hot, and flickering summers day. Quality.


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