Friday, March 06, 2020

John Chantler / Steve Noble / Seymour Wright - Atlantis [1703 Skivbolaget]

Released via the boutique imprint 1703 Skivbolaget on January 16th, 2k20 is "Atlantis", the most recent collaborative longplay effort created by the musical triumvirate that consists of John Chantler, Steve Noble and Seymour Wright - all of them renowned figures in the world of explorative music, as individuals as well as contributors to a wide variety of projects and constellations. Split in three parts and accompanied by intensely simple, yet beautiful and somewhat tribalistic paintings of Lester Wright for a cover the album is split in three classes starting with "Class I - A Single Entrance Created From A Gap In The Bank", a 22+ minutes spanning piece which fuses thundering, complex drums, strained alto sax Jazz improvisations and later evolves - or better de-evolves - into scattered, yet thrilling and atmospheric minimalist arrangements and experimental synthesizer bleeps of presumably modular nature. The follow up "Class II - Two Entrances, Diametrically Opposite Each Other" starts with an eardrum-piercing, reprocessed high frequency motif accompanied by sparse, somewhat fever'ish tribal drums before drifting towards yearning, desolate, slighty melancholia-oozing realms of sonic experimentation whereas "Class III - Four Entrances, Facing Each Other In Pairs" goes down the same path atmospherically, yet presents a more heavyweight apporach in terms of large, ever shifting sound masses and a more brooding overall feel leading towards a muscular, heavyweight drum climax before the tune finally comes to a sudden halt.

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