Monday, March 02, 2020

baze.djunkiii Charts 03/2k20

01. Various Artists - CCCLXXXII Vol. 1 [Bass372 Records 002]
The Bass372 Records crew is putting Estonia on the map big time with four cuts from - partially cryptically named - crew members Ptf1978, q100 & Dmg, Bisweed and Slin which all provide heavy Grime riddims which can put any contemporary UK Bass production to a test with their stripped down raw crimescene vibe.

02. Various Artists - DJ Morpheus presents Beauty Now For The Future (Lysergically United) [Music Pour La Danse 012]
What a ride this compilation is. Samy Birnbach a.k.a. DJ Morpheus goes way back to the period between the late 70s and mid-80s, revisiting and reflecting on the era when he first arrived and decided to settle down in Brussels with extensive liner notes whilst picking rare and obscure cuts of the time, from minimalist, twangy Leftfield Pop by Die Hornissen to trippy, dubbed out, Ethno-infused Cosmic Wave by Flue, uberly melancholic PostPunk meets Easy Listening ballads by Normil Hawaiians as well as thrilling visionary Ethno / Arab Electro provided by Foreign Affair alongside more official greatness for explorers of long gone underground music. Recommended.

03. Y U QT - Buff Traxx [Warehouse Rave 004]
Classic UK Garage and SpeedGarage are officially back with this epic five track release by Y U QT who's bringing back all the swing and goodness that used to draw us towards the genre in the first place when this new sound took over dancefloors in the late 90s. And this one has it all - sweet vocal tunes for the ladies and banging, heavy 4/4 SpeedGarage stompers for heaving peak time dancefloors. Essential.

04. DJ Vern & DJ Ash - Squeeze / Magnificent [Vinyl Fanatiks 003]
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the founding of the legendary Jungle / Drum'n'Bass label Tearin' Vinyl with a special silver / grey 12" edition the Vinyl Fanatiks crew brings back two beloved Jungle classics for 2k20 with these raw and rugged tunes which are catering both super complex beats and classic soundsystem vibes to dancefloors of today. Re-load, selecta!

05. Aniyo Kore - 432 [Sweepland Records]
See review for details...

06. Various Artists - Beyond Space And Time 001 Compiled By DJ Nobu [Beyond Space And Time 001]
An excellent ten track compilation piece put together by Japanese DJ Nobu including many essential 90s cuts like Laurent Garnier's Detroit Techno meets Trance classic "Water Planet", Mono Junk's epic Trance cut "Beyond The Darkness", the extended tribalistic minimalism of Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia's "The Valley", Drax Ltd. II's uber-anthem "Amphetamine" as well as many more tracks by the likes of Burial, Pan Sonic, Dan Curtin, Front 242  etc.. Pure quality, this.

07. Leibniz - Hydron [Hundert 005]
Quite a heavy hitter from the vaults of the ever eclectic Hundert label. Especially the A-side "Bubble Tune" sets high standards for super dark, experimental and braincell crushing (Industrial)Techno in 2k20 and is about to destroy many dancefloors within the blink of an eye.

08. Various Artists - INEX 009 [Inhale Exhale 009]
Excellent four track House 12" from the Inhale Exhale-camp featuring remixes for tracks by Ben Mudi, Leo Wölfel, Inherit The World and Paso - all of the leaning towards a classic late night DeepHouse approach without losing dancefloor functionality at all. Our favorite is the B1 cut "Concrete Jungle (DJ Normal 4's Oriental Dragon Mixx)" due to its crossover potential  for use within classic UK Garage / SpeedGarage sets. Good stuff.

09. Nexus 21 - The Rhythm Of Life [Network Records]
Originally released back in 1989 Nexus 21 was the one first big time UK-based takes on the new Techno sound coming over to Europe from Motor City Detroit. Headed by Mark Archer and Chris Peat, later to form iconic UK Hardcore / Breakbeat / Rave outfit Altern8, tracks like "(Still) Life Keeps Moving" or "Music" draw inspiration from projects like Inner City whereas "Bass Inclusion" predates the rolling basslines of UK Hardcore as well as rave stabs and minimalist melodies of European Techno, "Real Love" flirts with Bleeps'n'Clonks alongside sweet and seductive female vocals and "Can You Feel The Beat" even tinkers with classic Electro in a classy, slightly filtered way. A remastered piece of music history, this.

10. 2121 - Vol.2 [2121-01]
See review for details...


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