Thursday, March 05, 2020

Synchrotrony - Synchrotrony [Gusstaff Records]

Scheduled for release on March 20th, 2k20 via the Polish imprint Gusstaff Records is "Synchrotrony", the self-titled debut album by the trio of the same name which is comprised of Maciej Rodakowski, Jacek Steinbrich and Krzystof Topolski following a musical path inspired by - according to the press release - ' improvisation, sound search and simple folk melodies.' Yet what we get drawn into the album by with the opener "Bee-bah" is a series of captivating sax and drum repetitions progressing into hypercomplex rhythms, a seductive Funk infused bass section and more of a classical Jazz approach when it comes to the melodic lead whereas "Un Petit Dejeuner W Sao Paulo" gets down in a classy Easy Listening-leaning, yet high quality BarJazz / Cocktail Jazz manner and the so-called "Black Metal Blues" provides a laid back, down to earth espionage thrill for score, soundtrack and title theme purposes and well deserves to turn into a major hit of sorts. Furthermore "Na Moczarach" provides a blueprint for a future uptempo Jazz standard, allowing especially the ever moving double bass to shine and unfold within its minimalistic arrangement, "Darmobit" is the definition of dope and cool in a Jazz context and might even provide a well seductive foundation for sound savvy freestyle rappers to lay down a couple of quality bars before "Fintifluszki" even weighs in some fever'ish, ever spiralling and percussive Oriental vibes whilst the final title cut "Synchrotron" is in for a closing climax and a wild ecstatic ride, adding the right amount of spice to this well diverse, highly interesting firstling.

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