Monday, April 13, 2020

Novotono - Wood(Winds) At Work [Aut Records 056]

Another fresh one on Berlin's Aut Records imprint is "Wood(Winds) At Work", the latest collaborational album created by family bound duo Novotono comprised of the pair of Italian brothers that are Andrea Ferrari and Adalberto Ferrari. Together, Novotono caters a menu of 12 tracks within roughly 51 minutes which can be seen - if one wants to put it like this - as a homage to family traditions as for generations most of the Ferrari ancestors have known to be artisan woodworkers of some kind as well as passionate musicians. Referring to this tradition in choice of their instruments, mostly coming from the woodwind family, we see Novotono present a classy take on Jazz and touching, emotional Jazz Noir with a playful, tender and frolicking twist whilst pieces like "Spigoloso Sweet Waltz" weigh in a bit of sweet melancholia for Jazz music connaisseurs whereas the brooding "Contratubax Sequioa" even gets funky on highly advanced dancefloors and so does the highly captivating, swinging cut "Poli" which is our personal favorite on this longplay outing. A sweet autumnal companion for inward looking, reflective listening session this album is. Check.

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