Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Various Artists - Note Lithuania: Experimental / Electronic 2019 [Music Information Centre Lithuania]

Released in late 2019 via the ever active Music Information Centre Lithuania, the main hub for the countries Experimental Electronics, (Neo)Classical and Contemporary Classical scene is "Note Lithuania: Experimental / Electronic 2019", the next thirteen track compilation overview and update on news and developments within Lithuanian art music. Providing a mixture of  brand new, previously unreleased material and underrated gems licensed from  imprints like Temple, Electron Emitter or Elfa Records the journey starts with the solemn, fever'ish ritualistic Dark Ambient / Electronica crossover of Veliu Namai's "Veliniu Iauzai" which immediately became our favorite cut on this collection whereas the follow up that is Patris Zidelevicius' "Sonata Ianileve" fully embraces a score'esque dramatic scenery accompanied by unidentified scrapings, pouring rain and ethereal non-vocalisms. Skeldos' subsequent composition named "Tylos" indulges in melancholic movements and (Neo)Classical arrangements alongside whispered Spoken Word poetry arising from ancient times, "Iiutis Remias Siena J Verpanti Vandemi (Shortmix)" by Daina Dieva meanders between Drone and Ambient movements for connaisseurs of brooding Deep Listening Music, the "Fictive Line" drawn by Distorted Noise Architect introduces raw, yet harmonic Industrial Electronics to the albums sonic spectrum before Nulis:S:S:S' "Svinta" weighs in strcutured pulses of randomized electrical buzzing, well exciting rhythmic collage techniques and hypermelancholic, processed and filtered guitars for a change of focus. Furthermore "JM FM" by Tiese tectonically shifts humungous amounts of dark sonic matter, Unit 7's "Methods Of Coercion" are methods of EBM and dark dancefloor culture with a surprisingly uplifting twist whilst "Strata" by Fume comes straight at out braincells from ethereal Synth / (Neo)Cosmic heavens. Following up is Phil Von's "Capsized Poetry", a fusion of beautiful Ambient, dramatic electronics and Field Recordings of a pen, possibly writing poetry, Nortas' "Glimpses Of Dust" provide insights into most beautiful Ambient realms, Raguvos "Medzioklis" is telling tales of ancient mysticism and long gone heroes before the concluding Avidja / Devita live cut provides a thrilling, lively, yet melancholic closure for one of the best releases brought to us by Music Information Centre Lithuania so far. Highly recommended.

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