Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 096]

Put on the circuit only recently via Supersix Records Extra is Sascha Müller's 96th full on untitled solo album on the label so far. Offering a new selection of fourteen previously unreleased cuts from the artists archive the journey begins with "Track 01", a surprisingly noisy, warped off-kilter manipulation of seemingly pre-existing sound material followed by "A Dry Cocktail After A Fuck" which is going down a dry, raw and unprocessed route with its grinding, hypnotic Slow Motion Techno attitude. The subsequent "A14" brings forth raw, monotonous and slightly distorted ToolTechno goodness for peak time dancefloors, "A18" follows on a banging, yet more precisely sculpted Techno path with its haunting Industrial background atmospheres, washed out breakbeats and subtle midrange synth modulations before "Bassline Chamber" introduces brutal, hypercompressed bass drums, growling low ends and a quite minimalist attitude to heaving Techno floors whilst "Chamber 1" is bordering Hardcore, presenting both a brutal barrage fire of bassdrums alongside ever morphing synth modulations as well as blurred, misty DubTechno atmospheres. Furthermore "Escalation Destination" brings back stripped down, Trance-inducing ClubTechno, "Living In Pain" harks back to ultra raw early Gabber / Hardcore violence paired with merciless, braincell crushing HardAcid along the way whereas "Metric Sea" indulges in a seductive fusion of MinimalTechno, stripped down Acid and DubTechno before "No4_A11" keeps things minimalist and classy in a classic, deep and slightly subaquatic Techno style. The subsequent "Ragnamöji 01" introduces hypercompressed, over the top 8bit Bleep Phonk in brutalist fastlane mode, "Red Vader" explores spatial, stripped down, yet slightly nerve wrecking Intelligent Techno realms over the course of 8+ minutes, "Track 02" presents more warped reprocessed Noize and therefore harks back to the albums opening track whilst the concluding cut "Untitled 1" brings back floating quality Trance once again without falling into any cliche trap there. Proper good.


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