Saturday, May 09, 2020

Krolestwo - Antracyt [Gusstaff Records]

Scheduled for release via Polish imprint Gusstaff Records on June 5th, 2k20 is "Antracyt", the second ever album effort created by Gdansk-based band outfit Krolestwo which in itself is a conglomerate formed of several musicians and artists active in other bands on the countries busy underground music circuit. With a total of six tunes being rolled out over the course of more than an hour and a press info referencing genres like PostRock and MathRock the albums direction is pretty clear from the get go, especially when the 13+ minutes spanning opener "Wioslowanie W Kierunku Nicosci" combines these influences with complex drum sequences and storming, distorted, yet somewhat blues-y guitar layers forming a serious wall of sound that's about to overload an audiences sensory apparatus in a live context whereas "Tega Jola" presents more of a classic, down to earth instrumental BluesRock attitude and "Szklaneczki Doktora Stefana" even enters (Neo)Kraut-infused dancefloor realms with a straight 4/4 rhythm base and captivating guitar motifs somewhat reminiscent of both projects like Padded Cell and similar DC Recordings acts as well as now disbanded Swedish band outfit Skull Defekts. Following up are three different incarnations of the albums title track "Antracyt", a dreamy, yet dark and brooding affair of desolate, somewhat isolationist beauty, providing a tense, post-thunderstorm vibe for those appreciating heavy, lead-colored clouds crossing the skies at low altitudes and high speeds. Darn proper good.

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