Sunday, May 10, 2020

Jacaszek - Music For Film [Ghostly International 357]

Released via Ghostly International on March 27th, 2k20 is "Music For Film" by Jacaszek, the first album crafted by the Polish artist for the ever active label. With a background of a producer as well as a film music / score composer Jacaszek solely focuses on the latter craft with this longplayer and presents a collection of pieces written for films like "Gologotha Wroclawska", "Iron Bridge", "November" and "He Dreams Of Giants", all held together by their solemn, athmospheric Dark Ambient atmosphere infused with echoes of echoes of (Neo)Classical composition and a certain feel of romanticism which is especially about to speak to those fascinated by Wolfgang Voigt's GAS works or pieces like "Rückverzauberung" which the Cologne-based producer released under his very own name. If these references speak volumes to you and / or you are an Ambient / Score head anyway this album is one to go to for for sure, especially for the more uplifting and positive piece that is "Dance" which immediately turned out to be our personal favorite on "Music For Film" alongside the touching Piano Ambient outing that is "Encounter Me In The Orchard".

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