Sunday, May 31, 2020

Jørgen Teller - City Size Tone Part 2 [Clang 066 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Clang label on May 15th, 2k20 is Jørgen Teller's new album outing "City Size Tone Part 2", a two tracks and roughly 42 minutes spanning composition we're about to approach without any reference to or knowledge of the - supposedly existing - first part or accompanying press info for the lack thereof. Opening with a deep hypnotic Ambient drone and various layered piano, harp and wind instrument tones "City Size Done Part 2" drags the listener into a somewhat alert dream state immediately, adds intense, shrieking and mutilated high frequencies to the mix as well as mysteriously clanging Field Recordings of unknown origin, a good portion of hallucinogenic sound manipulations and even subdued echoes of FreeJazz / Improv to be found in the very backend of the mix before a maelstrom of feedback and Noize emerges for a most brutal climax. Quite an intense, yet thrilling and complex listening experience for those who loved the "Ekkehard Ehlers plays..." vinyl series once released via Staubgold in the early 2000s.


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