Saturday, May 30, 2020

Vocione - Left Hand Theory [Aut Records 059]

Put on the circuit via the ever busy Aut Records imprint on March 30th, 2k20 is "Left Hand Theory", the third album created by Vocione, a duo comprised of Marta Raviglia and Tony Cattano. Recorded live at the renowned Il Torrione Jazz club located in Ferrara, Italy the very first words that spring to mind when listening to this 13 track album are sacral and ecclesiastical due to the solemn, festive nature of the artists vocal performances, accompanied by a subdued, slow moving stream of electronic textures as well as sparkling, tender piano lines in tunes like "Confessions On Demand" whereas the subsequent title track "Left Hand Theory" showcases a more dramatic, ecstatic and untamed variation of Vocione's sonic musings. Furthermore "Eco Time II" beams the listener into a gargantuan echo chamber of sorts, "Embarcadero Ginger Serenade" weighs in a swinging, positive attitude for the avantgardistic Jazz dancefloor, "Prendero Il Tuo Posto" oozes with pure romanticism and a beauteous, naturalistic feel, "Endurance" seems to reflect upon inward looking, unobserved Jazz improv sessions, "Eco Time IV" is surprisingly dark and brooding and "Sport Light" even weighs in some twangy Desert Blues elements just to name a few. Well interesting. Go check.

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