Monday, June 01, 2020

baze.djunkiii Charts 06/2k20

01. 2121 - Vol.5 [2121]
See review for details...

02. Ruff Sqwad - Unreleased Gems [Prince Rapid]
Without any doubt Ruff Sqwad have always been one of my favorite Grime crews ever and therefore I'm beyond thrilled that these four previously unreleased riddims have been popping up on vinyl more recently, finally providing new fodder after what seems to be an extended period of silence. And yes, all those beats are classic Ruff Sqwad - raw, unprocessed and with a proper gangsta vibe even though catchy melodies and playful motifs do appear. Big one, this.

03. [PUSS20201]
The 2k20 outing of the mysterious PUSS label amalgamates dreamy string arrangements, a solid TechHouse foundation and highly seductive, uplifting and soulful female vocal bits with lively Acid modulations and provides quite a good bit of ecstatic peak time power for dancefloors around the globe. Go check.

04. Various Artists - Refraction Volume 5 [Residual Recordings 025]
The long standing Residual Recordings label is back with a new four track EP, combining the talents of Nachtbraker, Christopher Rau, Titonton Duvante and S-Max on this 12" release dubbed "Refraction Volume 5". The results are as deep, thrilling and organic as one might've wished for when it comes to such a line-up - from melodic, melancholia-inducing House music to warm, Motor City-leaning Techno this one is a fest for every lover of quality electronic music for a reason.

05. Deformer - Inner-Outcast [Redrum Recordz]
Riot sounds produce riots. Deformer fuses hard hitting, mental Breakcore with brutal Metal riffings and HipHop lyricism like no other on this blue'ish purple six track EP release, enters a sonic realm previously explored by artists like Drumcorps and even has the one and only Ice-T providing a classic Spoken Word intro for "Metal Breakdown". Are you sold on this yet? I am.

06. Frankel & Harper - Militant E.P. [Council Work 003]
The resurgence of UK Garage is in full effect these days and Frankel & Harper's "Militant E.P." is another proof of this development, further repopularizing both the bass heavy swing of UKG as well as the irresistible drive of 4x4 / SpeedGarage for a new generation. Recommended, slightly dubbed out tunes which are about to compliment classic UK Garage selections well. One for the headz.

07. Divus - Divus 2 [Boring Machines 098]
See review for details...

08. Fiesta Soundsytem - Inflorescence Pt. One [Warehouse Rave 007]
The Warehouse Rave imprint has defo become one label to watch out for with every single one of their releases. On their new single "Inflorescence Pt. One" we see the Fiesta Soundsystem pairing Future Jungle with the unprecedented darkness of producers like Source Direct or classic labels like Penny Black as well as taking Breakbeat Garage to a new, updated level for 2k20.

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