Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Angelina Yershova - Piano Mirage [AY Records]

Put on the circuit only recently via her very own AY Records label is "Piano Mirage", the latest full length album piece created by Angelina Yershova who's previously released her music through Italian labels like T-Bet Records or Twin Paradox. Catering a new body of work spanning roughly 46 minutes and a total of fourteen tracks Yershova is - once again - going down a full on Classical / (Neo)Classical route here, focusing solely on light-hearted, crystalline piano etudes which are in a few rare cases accompanied by additional violin performances by Manfred Croci. This combination, as ever so often with Modern Classical, in its ever cascading, frolicking form is somewhat leaning towards a certain level of kitsch and echoes of Easy Listening with the exception of the darker, dramatic take that is "Desert Mirage" and the highly emotional cut "Lost In Emotions" but will surely find an audience amongst fans of the genre due to its warm and playful nature.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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