Monday, June 01, 2020

Edikanfo - The Pace Setter [Glitterbeat Promo]

Soon to be out on the circuit via the ever active Glitterbeat label is Edikanfo's "The Pace Setters", a re-issue of the originally 1981 released six track album that's about to please all collectors and fans of African music and especially Afrobeat in particular. Arriving at our headoffices without additional press information sheets we're diving right into the music with "Nka Bom", a captivating, uplifting take on uptempo AfroJazz / AfroFunk causing instant dancefloor ecstasy with the theme of positivity continued by the great call-and-response chants in "Something Lefeh-O" before "Gbenta" brings on a hot variation of laid-back crimescene Funk for those in the know. Furthermore "Blinking Eyes" weigh in loads of seductive DiscoFunk vibes and a brass section on fleek, "Moonlight Africa" presents more of a deep, romantic attitude atop some super dope beats which are to be considered an excellent sample source for all the oldskool HipHop headz out there and the final cut "Daa Daa Edikanfo" provides more of a traditional, classic AfroBeat vision for a closure. Highly recommended.


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