Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Inventions - Continuous Portrait [Temporary Residence]

To be released via Temporary Residence on July 10th, 2k20 is "Continuous Portrait", the third full length album crafted by Matthew Robert Cooper and Mark T. Smith under their conjunctional Inventions moniker for the label. Catering a total of nine tracks with a playtime spanning approximately 37 minutes the two producers explore a cinematic, widescreen realm located somewhat in between piano-infused PostRock, Indietronica, score and Ambient / Electronica on this longplay piece, going deep and full on panorama with ethereal nonvocalisms, looped guitars and dead wax vinyl crackles on tunes like "Calico" whilst the title track "Continuous Portrait" indulges in heartfelt tenderness and melancholia before drifting further towards a naturalistic, somewhat Easy Listening leaning twist whereas the "Spirit Refinement Exploder" rides a large scale Balearic wave and "The Warmer The Welcome" borders a hyper-harmonic Romantic House vibe garnished with sparkling, warm pianos and touching vocals hidden deep in the mix like a transmission from vintage days of yore just to pick a few cuts here for a short overview.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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