Friday, July 24, 2020

Kim Myhr & Australian Art Orchestra - Vesper [Hubro Music]

Released via the Norwegian Hubro Music imprint earlier this year is "Vesper", the new collaborational album created by the labels staple Kim Myhr in conjunction with the Australian Art Orchestra which results in a three part journey stretched out over the course of 56 minutes in total. Taking on a psychedelic path meandering in between Ambient, Balearic, (Neo)Cosmic and Contemporary Classical composition techniques, large scale score works and a soft, somewhat blurred and misty, surely retrofuturist dream state we see the musicians invlvd creating a sonic realm that is unique even within the wide ranged spectrum of the Hubro Music label, yet amazingly chill and comforting and probably a perfect companion for hot late summer evenings spent outside. On a deckchair. With one's eyes closed for a moment of contemplation. And even though "Part Two: We Seemed To Grow More And More Pensive, But In Fact We Were Less And Less" interrupts the inward looking train of thought with a massive, ever intensifying crescendo followed by most calming, intertwined guitar layers for fans of PopAmbient and Post-PostRock. Check.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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