Thursday, August 20, 2020

Samm Bennett - Oscillendulum [Room40 Promo]

Set for release via Australia's label staple Room40 on September 4th, 2k20 is Samm Bennett's ten part piece "Oscillendulum", a 41 minutes spanning longplayer which sees the Tokyo-based artist on a deep exploration of the Juno 60 synthesizer which he already underwent back in 2005 after he found the legendary piece of equipment at a thrift shop for a bargain price. Focusing on ever morphing rhythmic layerings of various repetetive, oftentimes wobbling, warbling and yet minimalist qualities created from his first explorations of the instrument itself, approaching it from a drummers percussive angle and thought process, the 10 compositions just are. Pure, monolithic, outside of any notation or concept of timescale. The essence of musical independence and sound research. An ode to the sonic realm which just exists for the reason of existence. The result of experimentation and exploration and therefore a contemporary continuation of what once started in legendary sound laboratories in the UK and continental Europe in the 1950s. A masterpiece. Highly recommended for their hypnotic time dissolving qualities: "Oscillendulum 3", "Oscillendulum 5" and "Oscillendulum 9".


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