Sunday, August 16, 2020

Donna Maya - Lost Spaces -> Detroit [Sound Sister Records 001]

Scheduled for release on September 11th, 2k20 via her freshly launched imprint Sound Sister Records is "Lost Spaces -> Detroit", the conceptual album debut by Berlin-based producer Donna Maya after more than 20 years in the business. Originally rooted in HipHop, Drum'n'Bass and other variations of bass driven contemporary club music and leaning towards more experimental and conceptula works nowadays Donna Maya fuses her passion for hyper-detailed production approach and her love for one of the most  elusive instruments ever, the theremin, on this nine tracks spanning longplay piece which was heavily influenced by the urban decay and fascination of inner city Detroit. Fusing original Field Recordings captured in various locations all around Motor City with crisp electronic production and a slightly dystopian vibe the album starts on a cold, futuristic note from the opener "Ford Factory" onwards, moves people on advanced dancefloors with the mechanical, surely Sci-Fi Industrial informed "People Mover", weighs in echoes of Americana on the twisted "Cadillac Boulevard", goes full on Morricone with the intro of "Michigan Central Station" before drifting off on slow electronic rhythms alongside deep, intense atmospheres and touching on dark, industrial CyberStep entering the "Fisher Building (Album Edit)". Furthermore the "Michigan Theatre" is a place of ghostly, haunted activity where echoes and steps of former activity are still lingering in the air, "Belle Isle" veers of into dry and sparse Electronica rhythm territories for advanced dancefloor pleasure, "Close Air" is as tense and futuristic as it gets when it comes to bass driven, Dubstep-informed abstractions with a tongue in cheek twist and the final visit to the "Heidelberg Project" reveals even more ghostly Dub vibes for those in the know.

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