Thursday, August 13, 2020

Ramon Moro Quartet - Blue Horizon [Aut Records 068]

Another one album in the pipe to be released via Aut Records on September 7th, 2k20 as an addition to the labels ever growing catalogue is "Blue Horizon", the new longplay outing by the Ramon Moro-led Ramon Moro Quartet. Inspired by the 1979 written "Folk Song For Rosie" by the Paul Motian Trio the trumpet player and composer set out to create his own musical vision for this project which slowly unfolds with the tender, emotional and dreamlike opener "White Dragon", a yearning, autumnal piece of Deep Jazz followed by the beauteous, story-telling late night grooves of "Love's Uncertainty" which in itself would make a perfect soundtrack for a love story short film shot in black and white whilst "Untie Me" fuses cascading, classy piano lines with free, complex drumming and a deeply romantic vibe before "Albedo" fully loses itself in score'esque, slightly kitsch-driven piano meets trumpet romanticisims. Furthermore the title cut "Blue Horizon" follows the path of its predecessor into even deeper, inward-looking Jazz pianos for rainy Sunday afternoons and so do the crystal clear, spatial piano minimalisms of "Too Late" before "Nocturne For Loly" caters most beautiful Late Night Jazz and the final piece dubbed "Wrong Stop. It's So Cool" weighs in 157 seconds of classy, intimate grooves for a closing. Top tier.

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