Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Charles Hayward - Crossfade Estate [Klanggalerie]

Another fresh album released via the buzzing Austrian Klanggalerie imprint on June 10th, 2k20 is Charles Hayward's "Crossfade Estate", a collage project harking back to its beginnings in late 2005 and an 18 months completion period following to the initial recording process before being shelved and sitting dormant for more than a decade. Featuring a gazillion of artists from the Jazz world whose contributions are layered, cut-up, paired with FX and even minidisks involved - see: old technology! vintage! - the album provides a beautifully gelled 18 tracks and 55 minutes spanning ride through what was once dubbed Future Jazz - an organic, yet electronically recreated take on the genre, in this case occasionally paired with intimate quasi-Future Folk cuts like the stripped down "The Space Between Me And You", relaxed and laid back late summer night pieces like "Tilling Time", retrofuturist Space Electronics in "Flashback" as well as dramatic ballads like "The Borrowers" and yearning Americana / TexMex influenced tunes like "Rose Window" or even deep, dubbed out affairs like the "Penultimate Tango" which evokes memories of the legendary "Showroom Recording Series #1" for those in the know. If you do have a thing for artists like Jimi Tenor you're well likely to love this one as well.

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