Friday, August 14, 2020

Igor - Umf [Lamour Records 078]

Set for release via Swedish label Lamour Records on August 28th, 2k20 is "Umf", the forthcoming 4x7" box release by longtime composer Mikael Strömberg a.k.a. Igor who supposedly pays homage to German KrautRock heroes Cluster as well as dada-artist Hugo Ball with this release - at least according to the accompanying info sheet. Feeding the listener with onomatopoetic, yet meaningless track titles like "Umf", "Olobo", "Blung", "Wulla" etc. for each of the eight cuts featured on the album but no additional context or information the listening experience is an adventurous one, taking the listener from mysterious bass grooves to trippy, highly fascinating Future Tribal outings with a somewhat Dub infused twist, from ethereal Downbeats with Synth influences to experimental modular abuse and beyond. Unique and well interesting. Plus: additional bonus points for the format. Get.


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