Monday, August 24, 2020

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 100]

And finally, here it is. The 100th untitled album by Uelsen's Sascha Müller put on the cirucit via his very own Supersix Records Extra-label and therefore the final release of the series which brought us well more than a thousand tracks by the ever active producer. Opening with "Orion Rising Part IV" Mr. Müller starts out on a most brutal, raw and banging mid-90s AcidTechno tip for major dancefloor destruction whilst "Orion Rising Part V" follows down a similar path but adds even heavier, dry and brutally distorted war drums as well as fierce, somewhat tribal'esque drum rolls and twisted glitches to the equation to achieve full on dancefloor destruction whereas the follow up "01" gravitates towards gooey MonoAcid modulations and hollow, super dry bassdrums alongside a stripped down, minimal and well hypnotic synth motif before "02" indulges in carefully layered, electroid Minimal Techno caressed by tender, most beautiful pads. Following up is "03 14" on a 60 second journey into full on 8-bit Glitch madness, "03" presents a fierce muscular take on relentless, clap-heavy DarkRave vs screaming Acid whilst "04" is getting down drum machine style on a foundation of dry low frequency drums and minimal arrangements with trippy, jacking Acid sequences bubbling up after around two minutes in. Furthermore "Acid In My Brain" can be best described as tripping, time warping, retrofuturist Sci-Fi Techno in full on tilt mode, "City Rain" pairs atmospheric background drones and real time Field Recordings before "Die Stille" goes on an ever shifting, atmospheric journey into Dark Ambient realms. "Editing The World" presents 8+ minutes of ecclesiastical Synth / (Neo)Cosmic honoring genre greats like Klaus Schulze or Jean-Michel Jarre, "Eject The System" takes glitched out Electro Breakdance Phonk to a new, totally twisted level before "Elements Of Power" finally hits Techno floors hard with expertly sculpted, super compact bassdrum power and ethereally warped synth motifs with a slightly dubbed out twist. Damn good, this.


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