Saturday, August 22, 2020

Strom | Mortis - Coronal Mass [Midira Records 086]

Released via Midira Records on July 3rd, 2k20 as one of the most beautiful 2CD albums we've seen in quite a while is "Coronal Mass", the latest  two track longplayer by Conthey / Switzerland-based PostMetal / Drone pioneers Strom | Morts. With each track placed on a single CD with no proper tracklist given we're starting our journey with the nearly 19 minutes spanning "Coronal Mass Ejection" which is a glacial variation of Dark Ambient / Cold Ambient opening with brittle repetetive scrapings before a steady pulse of intense, psychoacoustically spiralling slowly emerges only to fully occupy and take over ones conscious mind and all its subsurface layers within minutes whereas "Coronal Mass Injection" weighs in 14 minutes of ever meandering midrange dronings with heavy thuds and sudden shifts of sonic masses blown over from afar, adding up to the immediate, unsettling threat of poisonous mists and claustrophobic Death Ambient movements oozing from the deepest vaults of an apocalyptic, extraterrestrial planetary body. This specific cut is the sound for the day after doomsday. Ultra. Dark. And. Excellent.

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