Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Afflicted - The Versus Series Vol. 01 [Afflicted In Techno 002 / Nuon Music ]

Once again coming in as a highly limited and hand-cut lathe cut 12" four tracker most DJs and record collectors won't even come close to ever see ever is "The Versus Series Vol. 01", the latest outing by prolific duo Afflicted who see their original cut "Cosmos" remixed by the likes of Sakin Bozkurt, Sven Laakenstyk and Alberto Santana on this one. Hence it being a lathe cut it's hard to determine which is the A- and which is the B-side here but the overall vibe of this release is heavily leaning towards a massive bigroom attitude, presenting a fusion of pumping muscular Techno and contemporary Mainstyle Trance which is about to resonate with large scale EDM festival crowds rather than the uber-cool black existentialist Berghain worshippers for a reason despite it's not unlikely that these cuts might find their way into sets of popular figures like Amelie Lens or Charlotte De Witte which do not shy away from a bit of a crossover into a realm that might be disregarded as 'too commercial' by die-hard Underground Techno headz.


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