Friday, October 30, 2020

Lucidvox - We Are [Glitterbeat Records 099]

Released on October 23rd, 2k20 via Glitterbeat Records is "We Are", the first international album release for Russian all-female band outift Lucidvox who've been on the local DIY Rock circuit for roughly a decade now. With their sound often described as a mixture of Psychedelic Rock infused by KrautRock and echoes of Russian Folk the band is drawing peripheral influences from acts like The Slits, Warpaint. Pixies and others, more in terms of DIY attitude and not so much in terms of actual musical expression, the opener "My Little Star" weighs in a large scale intro, dramatic, ever meandering structures and well captivating ethereal, multilayered vocals which will put the quartets native Russian language on the international Rock map for a reason whilst the thundering, ultra dense "Knife" causes serious moshpit action with its haunted - and hounded - attitude whereas "You Are" comes in with a shoegazing, dreamy take on late X-Mal Deutschland for those who know, "Body" is in for full on angelic Psychedelic PunkRock, "Sever" presents a whirling fire circle of hypnotic, enthralling intensity and the second to last  "Around" in part even evokes memories of action-laden anime soundtracks transferred into guitar-driven uptempo PsychRock realms just to name a few. Check.


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