Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Nick Storring - My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell [Orange Milk Records]

Coming in from Toronto / Canada only recently is "My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell", the sixth full length solo album by acclaimed composer / producer / sound architect Nick Storring which was released via Orange Milk Records on March 27th, 2k20. Comprised of a total of six pieces rolled out over the course of 46 minutes in total, each built from a dense layering of a literally a gazillion of instruments like hammered dulcimer, toy gamelan, violin, singing bowls and many many more, both acoustic or treated electromechanically alongside several electronic devices Storring creates a dense, somewhat mystical, enchanted and naturalistic overall atmosphere bordering Ambient and Indietronica at times whilst crossing over into PostRock, Post-PostRock and PopAmbient at others, touching on score works and variations of echoes of Contemporary Classical composition - or even Jazz in the most complex "What A Made-Up Mind Can Do" - yet never fully settling on one of the mentioned genres alone but rather wafting in a realm, meandering back and forth in a hazy mythical mist like a friendly, yet intangible interdimensional entity visiting from the outer realms of being. Deep.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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