Thursday, October 15, 2020

Meat. Karaoke. Quality. Time. - Futura Bold [Umland Record 035]

Another more recent album released via Essen-based label Umland Records is "Futura Bold", the first musical outing by the trio cryptically named Meat. Karaoke. Quality. Time.. Comprised of Jan Klare, Florian Walter and Karl-F. Degenhardt and employing a plethora of synthesizers including the Moog Mother 32 and Akai EWI 4000S the group sets out for a well explorative journey over the course of 17 tracks and more than 70 minutes total playtime which results in the most electronic and Electronica-leaning longplay piece on the label so far, fleshing out brooding and surely unsettling IDM cuts like "Salt / Ecstasty / Floss" with its subdued, electroid aesthetics and a hint of subaquatic crimescene Skweee whereas "Light Blue / Immersive / Fresh Concrete / [...]" weighs in a cold, collage'esque sci-fi atmosphere mixed with an intense opening dialogue and various real life sample sources , "Slow Strobes (Associative Disorder)" reveals a sequence of, sometimes well tongue-in-cheek, modular bleeps and squeezes only to work its way towards a short series of alarming, heavy, reverberating vantablack Electronica beats, caters an ecstatic,fever'ish Synth Industrial jam session with the mental, yet surprisingly dancefloor-suitable "A Clearing, Ritual Dances, Soil, Prospect" whilst the second-to-last "Nucleus And Cupid" brings on a solemn take on Marine Synth Ambient/ (Neo)Cosmic with its yearning improvisations and touching, klaxon'esque vintage signals just to name a few. Highly intredasting, this.


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