Monday, November 30, 2020

baze.djunkiii Charts 12/2020

01. Taylor Swift - Folklore *Meet Me Behind The Mall Edition [Republic Records]
Sometimes, on very very rare occasions, there's an album that leaves even me lost without words and Taylor Swift's is such one album, maybe the first one ever of its kind. Tender, most beautiful and poetic the multi-awarded singer has delivered an instant and timeless New Americana classic which, after less than a handful of listening sessions, already sits amongst the top ranks of my favorite albums ever and might be played on a daily for quite a long time from now on. Highly recommended.

02. Various Artists [HEARSE 003]
Electro from the dark side? Yes,please. The HEARSE label comes at us with its third release, a new four track compilation 12" comprised of tracks by Exzakt & Bfx, Kluentah, Amboss and long time Electro staple Luke Eargoggle. With all of them catering some of the coldest, sci fi-leaning Electro cuts to DJs and genre lovers alike, providing deep, yet deadly weapons for forthcoming robo wars of the future with Exzakt & Bfw's "Raw" being deadliest of them and Luke Eargoggle's "Olympia" weighing in a good portion of raw, unprocessed underground Acid for those in the know. Check out the killer silkscreen print artwork, too.

03. Various Artists - Rave Encounter Volume 1 [Rave Or Die]
This is brutal. The Rave Or Die imprint put together a selection of tracks crafted by the likes of 9999999999, Umwelt, Falhaber and Deep Dimension and combines them on a coloured 2x10" to provide nothing short of a weapon of dancefloor destruction. Filled to the brim with rave stabs and other 90s-leaning primetime elements this one weighs in a potent arsenal of highly compressed bassdrums, hints of Broken Techno and an undeniable love for Oldskool Gabba as well to cold kill ravers on the spot with each and every tune featured on here, especially when it comes to 9999999999's large scale anthem "Ich Glaube Ich Spinne" as well as Falhaber's "Kick It". The only downside of this is the super wacky and extremely floppy 10" plastic gatefold sleeve the records come in which is bound to break and tear easily.

04. Istari Lasterfahrer - Acid Skanking Vol 1 [Sozialistischer Plattenbau]
The Hamburg-based DarkJungle / Breakcore / DubCore label Sozialistischer Plattenbau is back with a new 7" release brought to us by the imprints head honcho Istari Lasterfahrer who is coming at us with two highly interesting cuts here. "Maximum Planck" on the A-side can be filed under the flag of haunted, 8bit-infused high speed Dub for heaving dancefloors whilst "Hypernism Planck" on the flip follows a similar path musically whilst adding bits and bops of a DarkJungle vibe as well as mad scratch action to the equation to make the tune resonate with a Teknival audience for a reason. Dope.

05. Basic Rhythm - Raw Basics Vol.1 [Raw Basics 0001]
Basic Rhythm is back to defy any genre drawers once again. With "Break It Down *VIP" we see the producer paying homage to the vibe and atmosphere of early UK Hardcore in the darkest, yet most minimalistic manner possible on 45rpm whilst the same tune played back on 33rpm provides an even eerier vibe whereas "Feel Me *Parris Remix" weighs in a Rave-informed take on slow, slightly clunky and minimalistic House music for a contrast.

06. Bushwacka! - All Night In Heaven EP [Plank Records 025]
It's been quite a while since we've seen the man Bushwacka! around and probably even longer since we've come across a proper new release dabbling in what used to be the highly popular Breaks / NuSkoolbreaks genre ages ago. In this new four track 12" vinyl release we've got all of this combined: bass-heavy, floating and surely Jungle-infused Breakbeats sporting ethereal vocals paired with more of a Progressive House touch - think: Distinctive Records / Distinctive Breaks back in the day -, complex ElectroBreaks rhythms for advanced dancefloors, brooding peaktime affairs like "Feng Shui" alongside classic Breaks vibes as well. Nice one.

07. DJ Space Heater - Solidarity Forever [PUSS 20204]
The bootleg-focused whitelabel PUSS is back with a surprise and with more of a novelty thing for their newest outing which comes, for the first time ever, as a stamped whitelabel 7" this time. For the A-side named "Bernie D'Agostino" we see DJ Space Heater going down a super cheesy, probably 8bit aesthetics informed 2Step road for the lulz whilst "Go With The Flow *HMT VIP" on the flip is on a well uplifting UK Funky / Funky House tip for a change and provides more dancefloor functionality as well as bright smiles on punters faces with this attitude.

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