Friday, November 27, 2020

Huntsville + Yuka Honda, Nels Cline, Darin Gray, Glenn Kotche - Bow Shoulder [Hubro Music]

Fresh on the ever active Norwegian label Hubro Music is "Bow Shoulder", the October 30th, 2k20 released album by Norwegian trio Huntsville alongside a bunch of high class musical guests joining in for the 58 minutes and four tracks spanning journey. Recorded in Chicago and without any musical preconceptions other than the improvisations should have that specific Huntsville vibe to them the entire album oozes, like the atmosphere depicted in the photography on the well suitable and well hazy album cover, a deep, somewhat blurred and misty vision of Ambient / Score music heavily influenced and infused by meandering PostRock and Post-PostRock, slowly building up alongside whirling low end transmissions in the dark'ish 21+ minutes spanning opener that is "Side Wind" whilst the subsequent "Higher" stays true to the rumbling aesthetics yet is leaning more towards being a love child of slightly twangy, hyperminimalist DesertBlues and Morricone'esque ItaloWestern vibes even when an ever hypnotic, repetetive guitar motif enters the dense layers to lighten up the scenery. Furthermore "Lower" provides access to a full on noise- and feedback fueled, somewhat mechanical and apocalyptic sounding intro sequence before exploring barren sonic landscapes poisoned by doom, desolation and thick layers of nuclear fallout whereas the final composition "The Unshot" evokes memories of classic greyscale pieces once produced by acts like Village Of Savoonga before turning towards a more Folk-leaning, harmonic closing. One album for repeated night-time listening sessions. Alone. In the dark.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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