Sunday, November 29, 2020

Yellow6 - Silent Streets And Empty Skies [Sound In Silence 076]

Put out on the circuit via the long standing Greek purveyors of Ambient music and beyond a.k.a. Sound In Silence is Yellow6's "Silent Streets And Empty Skies", the latest album conceived by Leicestershire-based producer Jon Attwood under this specific musical guise. Following the urge to create throughout the first COVID-19 induced lockdown period the nine tracks on this longplayer spanning a total of roughly 77 minutes indulge deeply in beautiful Post-PostRock infused Ambient spheres from the very first moments of the tender guitar-lead opener "Unbroken Sun (One)" onwards, a musical study and masterpiece which basically could run forever without getting boring at all whilst the subsequent "Safe" brings forth a slightly brooding take on DesertRock / DesertBlues with a distinct Americana-leaning feel whereas "V2", despite its rocket-fueled title, drifts off into a deep and peaceful PostRock dream state. The subsequent "Broadcast" is a transmission of more deep sleep inducing dream waves, "Unbroken Sun (Two)" brings forth the most tender, half-acoustic PostRock variation on this longplay outing and is therefore taking us back to Hamburg's Astrastube venue of yore for a reason and "Panam" adds a certain organic low end droning to the carefully struck strings and masterfully worked out melodic guitar meanderings building up towards an early first climax regarding the tunes entire runtime of approx. 19 minutes as an indicator. Furthermore "Doubled" pairs sparse guitar tones with glacial, icy Ambient droning before evolving into a deep, organic and comforting PostRock epos, "Silent Flight" weighs in a hot lazy sunday summer afternoon feel for those who know and the final variation named "Unbroken Sun (Three)" picks up on this feeling, yet presenting it with more of a shimmering, brighter, yet somewhat autumnal and more intimate twist for a closing. Deep.

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